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SCIA follows you

scia /scì-a/ - Italian for "wake"

Noun: the track left by a ship moving through the water

We make naval service coordination and implementation smart and simple

SCIA accompanies your vessel throughout its journey, compiling the operational documentation required for optimal function and facilitating in-depth training for crew, while providing invaluable insight in order to anticipate the unexpected and minimize the risk of damage.

And we’re in it for the long-haul: from the ships’ manual compilation and design to service coordination & implementation, SCIA makes sure you know: what needs doing, how to do it, and when it needs to be done.

And we make it smart and simple.


Founded by two engineers with 15 years’ experience in the fields of electrical and naval engineering, SCIA’s operational team of ex- Ship’s Captains, Officer Engineers, Project Managers, Naval and Electronic Engineers, offers 360° knowledge specialised in the build, operation, and maintenance of naval vessels.



SCIA makes service Smart & Simple, from design to scuttle.
We follow each vessel from its design to delivery, and beyond: from the on-board supervision of build processes and compilation of the Ship’s Manual – its operational bibliography – to the facilitation of Crew Training and implementation of custom Maintenance schedules and personalised digital solutions, we follow every part of a ship’s life cycle.


We create direct communication channels between the shipyard, designer, and suppliers in order to facilitate the collection of all necessary information regarding individual components and their maintenance. This allows us to integrate any vessel-specific customisations and include this information in the dedicated Ship’s manual and the related maintenance and logistics applications.


Our software includes a specialised CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) Application and an ILS (Integrated Logistics System) Application. These custom Apps can be installed on board to manage spare parts logistics for naval units both in cloud and on mobile platforms, with specialisation on military, paramilitary, work vessels and yachts.

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We work with shipyards, shipowners, designers, and State Departments responsible for the technological innovation of their military fleet.

Let SCIA follow your journey

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